Studio Policy

Any student may have a parent present during lessons if they wish. For younger students this is recommended.

  2. A 'term' commences with the first lesson regardless of the date, and finishes with the 10th lesson.

Lesson times are fixed weekly spots.




Fees for 2020 will be $350 per 10 lessons. This must be paid in one block, regardless of holidays and other events that may occur within the term. Part payments can not be accepted, and invoices may not be altered.


Lessons must be paid for in 10 week terms in advance. An invoice will be presented prior to the first lesson, and must be paid by lesson 3. Late invoices that require a reminder will incur a $20 late fee. Non payment will result in a suspension of lessons.


Cancellation Policy


You are not only paying for my knowledge, experience and instruction, but a reserved space of my time that I can not use for anything or anyone else, and the extra time that I will need to prepare for your lesson.


Twenty four hours notice must be given for cancellation of a lesson, or the lesson will be charged for. Cancelled lessons are not 'madeup', they push the term out by 1 week - eg the term will take 11 weeks to complete rather than 10.


A maximum of 3 'on-the-fly' cancellations per 10 week period will be allowed. Beyond this, lessons will be charged for regardless of notice.


Termination Policy


On leaving the studio (termination of lessons), a refund of unused lessons within a term will not be given if more than 3 lessons have been used (including those charged for late cancellation or unexplained absence).


If adequate notice is given of termination a part invoice may be issued (eg to cover the last weeks in a school term where a student is moving for instance).


School Holidays


Lessons held at schools will be suspended during holiday periods due to the unavailability of venue. During this period lessons can be arranged to be held at the Redwood Park Studio on request.

For students in after school positions at the Redwood Park Studio, lessons will continue but can be suspended for holidays if notice is given before the start of the holidays. Daytime positions will most likely be suspended for the holiday period, and this will be advised of in the last week of term.


Examinations and Concerts


Participation in Australian Music Examinations Board exams is entirely optional.


Students may only enter into examinations under the studio’s code with the authority of the teacher.


Concerts are held at the end of every term, and extras scheduled for exam preparation. These are held to benefit student’s study and confidence, provide goals, and share progress with family. Whilst not compulsary, there is a big difference in the confidence and proficiency level of the students who attend vs those who don't.

- For leisure students they are highly recommended
- For exam students they are compulsory. If you choose to miss concerts, you are choosing to miss the next examination period.


Examinations are taken very seriously and there will be a separate policy to consider at the time of the student requesting an exam entry.